Off-Leash Advanced Dog Training


Off-leash dog training is valuable for the dog owner who expects his dog to respond to commands when not on a leash or at a distance where a leash cannot be used. If you are an active person would like to take your dog hiking, camping, or to the beach and just general family outings, off leash remote collar training may be what you are looking for. Even when we go to a regulated off leash park, there are occasional encounters where you will require positive control to avoid a volatile situation. Sometimes at home or a park, you may simply want to remind your dog to respond to your command even in a playful stimulating environment.


Our advanced dog training course in Los Angeles requires the completion of a basic on-leash training course. This may be done either in conjunction with the advanced off-leash course or done prior to it. If you have done some training somewhere else, we would be happy to assess your dogs skill level to see if we can credit anytime toward your dogs course completion.


Hollywood Dog Training School in the heart of Los Angeles has been at the forefront of introducing electronic barking cessation training and electronic off leash training. With electronic off leash training, you have positive obedience control of your dog at a range of about a third of a mile. Electronic training can be perceived as a long invisible leash.


For more information about any of our programs or to schedule an appointment to meet with a trainer, please contact us or call our office. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your relationship with your dog through our dog training Los Angeles.

We guarantee this course for the life of the dog.


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