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Another picture of lassie in one of our yards.

Another picture of lassie in one of our yards.

Dogs have always been a central part of the the American Family. Hollywood Dog Training School has been training dogs and educating families in the “Greater Los Angeles Area” since 1927. We understand the needs of our busy clients and their desire to have a dog that can be an integral part of their family.


When we get our dogs, sometimes we really don’t anticipate how much work may need to be done. We all want a great experience, but we don’t always have the road map to get there. Our “mission” is to be the navigator between our clients and their dogs. We often begin with a consultation, either an “In-Kennel” or “In-Home”, to observe or explain what a successful relationship is between family and dog.


We specialize in our “In-Kennel” program, where we train the dogs to work to their full potential. Then we train our clients to get the same results. If a family will take our lead, we promise to far exceed your expectations of what a trained dog can be.


Whether you have a mischievous puppy or an older dog with ingrained behaviors, we use love, praise, and reward to transform your dog into a well trained and responsive family member. We believe that “In-Kennel” training is the best method to achieve this, and is the greatest head start to great pet ownership. We know there are other ways to train a dog, but experience has taught us that “In-Kennel” training produces the best results. It is superior and unique in creating change and direction that no other method has been consistently able to achieve.


We guarantee our results.


We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you and your dog in this special relationship. Please call so we can explain our programs and answer your questions. It is also important to meet our specially chosen staff and personalize our canine community. We pride ourselves on assisting in creating a bond of mutual respect and love to be cherished and shared for years to come.


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