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Great clips and classic pet grooming by Manny !

Whether you are looking for the best bath in town or the perfect clip, Manny is the one!  Manny started as the apprentice to our previous, quite popular groomer, Amanda in 2001.  Manny repeatedly showed his talent as a groomer and in 2005, when Amanda moved on from our employ, Manny attended the Wag My Tail Grooming School and graduated at the top of his class, and they wanted to keep him. 

Manny has trained several of our, competent, conscientious grooming assistants to provide us with the ability to have excellent staffing 6 days a week.

The Grooming Shop at Hollywood Dog Training School can be quite popular so book your grooming in advance.  In most cases when a dog comes in for grooming we ask that they arrive between 8 and 9 am and they will spend some of the day with us until the go home time that you arranged with us.  Unlike the average grooming shop dogs do not spend their whole time in a small cage or crate, we have dog runs dedicated for our grooming shop so that you dog can stretch their legs, have a place to eliminate, and get a drink of water.  All of the baths we do here at Hollywood Dog Training School include a nail trim, cleaning the ears, and a full brush out.

Our modern state of the art equipment allows us to do an unparalleled job, you won’t believe the difference.  We feature the HydroSurge Bathing System for an amazing clean.  We use a low sodium, soap free, sulfate free, no perfume shampoo that leaves almost all pets itch free.  Mighty Wind Dryers reduce brushing time drastically and make the brush out superior to doing the job with a brush alone.  Most pets are finished with a light pet cologne that most clients love.

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