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Q. Do I have to make an appointment in order to visit the facility?

A. No, you may come and take a tour of our facility any time during business hours. However, we do ask that you avoid the first and last half hour of the day since we tend to be extremely busy at those times.

Q. Will my pet miss me?

A. Perhaps. The hardest time on pets tends to be the initial separation period from their owners and their home. Dogs gain security and confidence from human contact first, and their home environment, second. It doesn’t take long at all for dogs to feel secure both in their run and inside their living quarters. As a result, they acclamate to their new environment pretty quickly. At that point, it doesn’t matter whether your dog stays with us for 3 days, weeks or months. The length of time doesn’t seem to bother the dogs.

Q. Can I board all of my pets together?

A. (dogs) We can have up to 3 dogs that are similar in size and from the same family share the same run. However, we do not recommend boarding more than 2 dogs together in the same run since that inhibits our ability to monitor their feeding. It’s also not a good idea to put dogs of different sizes in the same run. Placing a large dog in a small dog kennel or a small dog in a big dog kennel may be overwhelming to the small dog and may even be dangerous.

A. (cats) We can accommodate a large family (up to 8 cats), but we won’t be able to monitor their feeding.

Q. What do you do when it is very hot or cold outside?

A. All of our buildings are air conditioned in hot weather and heated in the winter. The outside of our buildings have high pressure mist heads that allow us to provide a “fog” over all of our yards and dog runs.

Q. Can I get a discount if I’m boarding more than 1 pet at a time?

A. Yes, we offer a discount when 2 or more dogs share the same run. You will save on the daily boarding price for each dog. Please call the front office for a price quote.

Yes, we offer a discount when 2 or more cats share the same run. You will save on the daily boarding price for each cat. Please call the front office for a price quote.

Q. Can I get a discount if I board my pet(s) for an extended period of time?

A. Yes, we offer several money-saving options for long-term boarding:

  • You can get a discount when you board your pet with us for 14 days and pre-pay.
  • If you board your pet frequently, there are pre-pay discount packages for 30, 60, and 90 days that you can apply to multiple boarding stays.

Q. Can I use a 30, 60, or 90-day pre-pay package for more than 1 pet?

A. No, each discount package is to be used for just one pet. You would need to purchase a separate pre-pay package for each additional pet.

Q. Do pre-pay boarding discounts apply to grooming, exercise and other incdentals during the boarding stay?

A. No, pre-pay boarding discounts apply only to the actual boarding charges.

Q. How long in advance do I need to make reservation?

A. We recommend that you make your reservation as far in advance as possible. Please note that we require a refundable (with notice) deposit for holiday reservations. You can always cancel your reservation within 3 working days of the first day of your scheduled boarding appointment.

Q. I will be in town while I board my pet; can I come and visit?

A. Yes! In fact, we have several yards that you can utilize during your visit. If you are visiting your cat, you can do so in our cattery. Please call ahead to schedule your visit.

Q. What happens if my pet gets sick or injured during the boarding stay?

A. If the illness or injury is not an emergency, we will make every attempt to reach you first, and then your designated alternate party for direction. However, if we do have an emergency situation, we have an excellent veterenarian within 5 minutes of our facility.

Q. Is there always someone on duty at your kennel?

A. No, although we do have several employees who live on the property and walk the kennel at scheduled times at night. However, they are not on duty 24 hours a day.

Q. Is there anyone with the pets when you’re closed on Sundays and holidays?

A. Due to the nature of our business, Sundays and holidays are actually very busy days for us. This is when we get many of our chores done and prepare for the coming week. Only our office and grooming shop is closed.

Q. Can I drop off or pick up my pet on a Sunday, holiday or after your office is closed?

A. Yes. You must make arrangements in advance and there is a service charge for dropping off or picking up on a Sunday, holiday or after our posted hours. Please call the office to make arrangements and get a price quote. Please note that after-hours drop offs or pick ups are subject to availability.

Q. My pet gets medications. Can you accommodate that?

A. Yes. We are quite skilled in giving most medications including topical medications, oral medications, and sub-cutaneous injections. If your pet needs inter-muscular injections, please call ahead for availability. We do not do intravaneous injections. All pets getting medications must be able to be handled by our staff.

Q. My pet gets insulin. Can you accommodate that?

A. Yes, usually. In order for us to be able to board a pet that requires the administration of insulin, he/she must eat at least some food since pets can’t be injected on an empty stomach. We can generally miss one administration of insulin if your pet doesn’t eat right away, but since your pet can’t miss two doses, we will have to take the pet to our veternarian for boarding. All pets getting insulin must be able to be handled by our staff.

Q. Should my pet eat your food during boarding or should I bring my own food?

A. DOGS We feed dogs a very high quality mix that they like and usually do very well on. If dogs eat high quality food at home, it is usually OK to switch to our food while they are boarding with us and there is usually no problem switching back when they go home. If your dog has a sensitive digestive system or is on a prescription diet, then you might want to bring in your own food. Please note that there is an additional charge for feeding dogs your own food. Please call the office for a price quote.

CATS We have a large selection of major brands of both wet and dry cat food. If your cat is a finicky eater, you may wish to bring in the brands and flavors that he/she likes best. We do not charge extra for feeding your cat your own food.

Q. Can I call to see how my pet is doing?

A. Of course! However, we do ask that you please call during our regular business hours and avoid the first and last 30 minutes of the day, since that tends to be our busiest time. Please note that you will be placed on hold for several minutes while we will check on your pet. A kennel attendant will go to the run, check you pet’s card and the computer records. Again, since our facility is quite large, this process might take a few minutes, so your patience is appreciated. If you are calling long-distance, just let us know if you’d like to call us back in a half hour to get your report.

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