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We have one of the largest, most beautiful dog boarding and cat boarding facilities in Los Angeles, and for that matter, Southern California. Most of the dogs that we train here at Hollywood Dog Training School return again and again to board when their owners go on vacation. They look forward to their stay at our dog boarding facility in Los Angeles as a kind of “resort” for dogs!

Many of our clients tell us that their dogs can sense that they are on their way to “camp” when they are blocks or even miles away, long before they get here. They are so excited to come back to their home-away from home, they just need to let their owners know. Most owners of these boarding dogs are very surprised to see their dog get this excited since they never expected their dog to be happy to be left somewhere, other than home.

The first time a dog owner brings a dog in for dog boarding the owner is always concerned that their dog will not get enough exercise. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. By the time the dog goes home from dog boarding, they are almost always tired and in great shape. The dogs are so stimulated by their experience that they need to have two nap times during the day, (one nap time is in the late morning and one nap time is in the mid afternoon). On repeat visits to our boarding kennel, it is quite common for the dog to show owner that they are in the “right place,” since they are so happy to greet their human friends at our dog kennel.

We have four major buildings dedicated to dog boarding, with an overall capacity of 175 dogs, spread over a garden acre in North Hollywood. Our runs are large and provide ample space for your dog to run and play during their boarding stay. Each run, and all yards, are being cooled by our outdoor fogging system when the weather is hot. The outside run attaches to the inside sleeping quarters that are heated in the winter and evaporatively cooled in the summer.

We invite owners to visit our facility in North Hollywood, minutes away from Los Angeles, for a kennel tour any time during business hours. No Appointment is necessary for a tour of our boarding kennel. It is amazing the look on owners faces when they come for a tour of the dog boarding facility. When they walk out the back door to our office they begin to realize that our kennel is like no other kennel that they looked at when they shopped around. There really is lots and lots of huge and leafy shade trees, dirt and gravel and grass. A real dog facility, for real dogs.

We are extremely proud of the fact that we are NOT a free-range boarding facility. Free range boarding can be extremely difficult for some dogs to handle. Dogs have a highly developed instinct called a denning instinct. Dogs feel much more comfortable and relaxed in an environment where there is a specific place that belongs to the dog. It is also a place where the dog can feel the security and closeness of a “den.” This is why we have conventional, indoor and outdoor individual dog kennels. If a facility does not provide each dog with their own area away from other dogs that is not part of their normal social group, then the majority of dogs may become stressed out, possibly depressed, and may begin to act in ways that are out of character. However free play areas such as a Doggie Daycare is a great idea for those dogs who can handle it.

dog boarding in los angeles

We realize that some people have concerns about their dog getting enough exercise and attention while boarding with us. We offer an optional exercise or Doggie Daycare program for dogs boarding with us. Be it for just an over night, a weekend, or an extended period of dog boarding.

Each exercise session is 20 minutes of interactive play and one-to-one quiet time with a caring staff member, in a home-like backyard setting. (Please note that there is an additional charge for this service).

Doggie Daycare is a community setting where dogs can run and play to their hearts content, for up to six hours a day. They receive both of physical and social interaction, while in Doggy Daycare. All dogs will also receive a nap at the noon hour. It is required that all dogs must pass an evaluation to be allowed into doggie daycare. (Please note that there is an additional charge for this service).

In addition we offer pre-paid discounts for long term dog boarding in our los angeles area facility. There are several discounts available and some of them may even be combined! Please give us a call at (818) 762-1262 for more information, including our best rates.

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Q. Do I have to make an appointment in order to visit the facility?

A. No, you may come and take a tour of our facility any time during business hours. However, we do ask that you avoid the first and last half hour of the day since we tend to be extremely busy at those times.

Q. Will my pet miss me?

A. Perhaps. The hardest time on pets tends to be the initial separation period from their owners and their home. Dogs gain security and confidence from human contact first, and their home environment, second. It doesn’t take long at all for dogs to feel secure both in their run and inside their living quarters. As a result, they acclamate to their new environment pretty quickly. At that point, it doesn’t matter whether your dog stays with us for 3 days, weeks or months. The length of time doesn’t seem to bother the dogs.

Q. Can I board all of my pets together?

A. (dogs) We can have up to 3 dogs that are similar in size and from the same family share the same run. However, we do not recommend boarding more than 2 dogs together in the same run since that inhibits our ability to monitor their feeding. It’s also not a good idea to put dogs of different sizes in the same run. Placing a large dog in a small dog kennel or a small dog in a big dog kennel may be overwhelming to the small dog and may even be dangerous.

A. (cats) We can accommodate a large family (up to 8 cats), but we won’t be able to monitor their feeding.


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