Stan Gold – General Manager & Trainer

Stan Gold started with Hollywood Dog Training School in 1979.


Stan started his career with his father, who bred Basenjis.  In 1977, Stan worked for the CETA program, Department of Animal Regulation, and East Valley Animal Shelter.  In 1978, Stan transferred from the East Valley Animal Shelter to the Department of Animal Regulation East Valley Spay and Neuter Clinic.  At the end of 1977, Stan Gold began to work for the Burbank Animal Hospital where he remained until Rick Karl at Hollywood Dog Training School hired him at the beginning of the summer in 1979.  Stan worked his way up to a senior position by working in many different positions.  Stan originally started out as a kennel attendant but then also became the maintenance man, senior kennel attendant, apprentice trainer, head trainer and eventually, his current position as the General Manager.


In 1981, Stan joined the United States Army where he remained on active duty until 1984, when he returned to Hollywood Dog Training School.  Stan attended non-commissioned officers academy and eventually obtained the rank of  Sargent.  Stan Gold remained in the U.S. Army Reserves until 1987.


Stan apprenticed with Jerry Orth at the Companion Dog Training Club, prior to taking over novice and advanced novice classes from 1986 to 1992.

Stan Gold handled dogs professionally (various breeds) in the A.K.C. show ring.  He has also achieved multiple championship and international championship rankings on his own dogs.  Stan has also obtained C.D., C.D.X. and T.D. A.K.C. titles.  In addition, he has also certified and owned a therapy dog.  Stan has extensive knowledge of dog behavior, obedience training, problem solving, and in-home behavior modification.  He is also an experienced and successful breeder who has produced champion dogs.


In addition to Non-Commissioned officer academy Stan has also attended classes and workshops in Human Interaction and Leadership with the Summit Organization giving him extensive leadership and management training.


Stan Gold is also our Information Technology Manager.  Stan has written our previous website, at which stood from 2001 thru 2012.  Stan is also the author and webmaster on our current website at  Stan built and maintains all of the computers and the network at Hollywood Dog Training School.


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