Richard Karl – Owner

Richard Karl has over 41 years of experience and has developed “The Hollywood Dog Training School and Karl’s Kitty City” as a family style business. Our School’s goal is to treat our clients, their pets and all our employees with integrity and respect.  Our staff have been selected for their sensitivity, touch and professional abilities to care for all breeds of dogs and cats.

Rick has been the DIRECTOR of TRAINING and owner of “The Hollywood Dog Training School” since 1978 when he purchased the school form the Spitz Family.

Mr. Karl began his professional dog training career in 1969 after graduating from Southern Illinois University with a double major in Psychology and Sociology.  Rick began working for one of Chicago’s largest Veterinarian Centers so he could learn as much practical canine veterinarian care, before beginning his goal of becoming a “Master Dog Trainer”.  Rick spent the next few years traveling the country and working for, and with, some of the countries premier dog training facilities, Dornwal German Shepard Kennels in Upper State New York, and Willy Neckers School for Dogs in suburban Chicago, to name a few.  Rick moved to California and began his own dog training business out of Linda Mar Kennels in Pacifica, California.  Mr. Karl also spent 3 years training “Guide Dogs for the Blind” in San Rafael, California prior to buying “The Hollywood Dog Training School”.

Mr. Karl is a Los Angeles licensed Sentry Dog Trainer, and sits on the Los Angeles Board of Examiners for Sentry Dog Trainer’s testing.  Rick has also served  the Department of Animal Regulations as an expert consultant, in the areas of barking and vicious dog ordinances.  Mr. Karl currently serves as a consultant to lawyers and building contractors for dogs legal questions, and the construction of pet friendly living environments.

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