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“The Hollywood Dog Training School” was established by Carl Spitz in 1927.  Our School is the first and oldest registered Los Angeles Dog Training Facility.  Karl’s Kitty City was added to serve our clients in 1983.  We have become one of the premier dog boarding in Los Angeles and obedience training kennels for dogs and puppies in Los Angeles.

We additionally feel our cat boarding experience is exceptional and unique.
  More than a pet, your puppy, dog or cat is a part of your family, occupying a very special place in your heart and home.  And though it’s sometimes unspoken, there’s a solid bond of love and trust between you. If they could talk, there’s so much they would tell you. Your cat might tell you how much she loves it when you stroke under her chin, and how much she hates hairballs!  Your dog might tell you how frustrated he is that he can’t have all the freedom you seem to enjoy.  They both might tell you how much they appreciate what you do for them. If they could talk, they’d thank you for bringing them to “Hollywood Dog Training School and Karl’s Kitty City” and entrusting us with their care.  


A Well Trained Dog is a Happy Dog.  Dog obedience and puppy training does much
more than make you and your dog or puppy good at walking down the block together. Dog obedience training establishes a working connection between you and your dog. And most important, dog obedience training makes it fun for you to include your puppy in everyday life.  At Hollywood Dog Training School in Los Angeles, we believe a well trained dog is a happy dog. We truly hope that you come by to see our Dog Training in Los Angeles in action. We feel that our complete facility, and warm loving staff speak for themselves.


Dog and Cat In-Kennel Boarding:  Please feel free to stop by our Dog Boarding Los Angeles Facility to tour the facilities and meet our staff. You may view our Los Angeles Dog Boarding facilities anytime that we are open without needing to call ahead for an appointment.  We have a country acre here in the heart of Los Angeles designed to provide an exceptional boarding experience for your dog and cat.  All of our kennel buildings are cooled or heated and kept meticulously clean by a staff on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our kennel boarding services for dogs and cats are described fully on the following pages.  We hope you’ll come to visit soon.

Doggy Day Care Los Angeles:  We offer large, spacious K9 Daycare to those dogs that have been evaluated and approved.

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